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wasted youth [06 Feb 2008|09:40pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

hello hello.
so where to start. work sucks. all my friends have left me, and its a very sad place to be now. However, the money has been a little better and thats good. I have removed some negative people from my life that are really just a waste of my energy and it feels good. i dont need someone who isnt willing to put an effort into a friendship. esp people who are just there mooching off you. sorry screw that. goodbye. on the other hand i have been mending ties with people who have not been in my life for a while, and its great. My oldest sister just moved back in, and our house is so ridiculously full its not even funny. but on the other hand, it nice to see her outside of work, i missed being sisters with her. as much as we fight, i know no matter what well always be there for eachother. schoool is hhhhhhhard. im supposed to be writing a paper right now. i have one page done though! haha and thats the hardest part, so yay. i had a sorority meeting today and that was fun, everyone is really nice, and i love seeing my ladies syrena and lizzzz.
i misseed all my classes on tuesday because my car wouldnt start, whats up with that? seriously. but i was pretty pissed about that. I had to drop my statistics class because my teacher could barely speak english and i was so concentrated on what he was saying, that i totally missed, everything he was saying. fucking really annoying. ugh im ridiculously drained. i dont get a singe day off, ever. i have to be at work at 1030 on sunday, monday, wednesday, thursday and friday, and tuesdays and thursdays im at school from 9-5. seriously worste semester ever. i dont know how im going to manage this one.
Lilly is getting sooo big, she is my little child, she is so friggen bad though. she eats absolutly everything. eh its whatever.
okay i think thats it. BYE :D

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Dreaming in the Autumn heat [11 Nov 2007|09:01pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I registered for classes for the next semester last week. to be really honest im really not sure what the hell im doing hah. im pretty scared that im not going to figure out what i want to do by my junior year :/ im just interested in so many things but not really sure what im passionate about yet, and i have been thinking about that alot lately. Hopefully ill figure it out, sooner rather than later. But anyway i ended up taking some statistic class, modern china, intro to religion and cultures, english 102, and facts of life, im sure ill be busy as hell with these classes but im getting all the stupid stuff out of the way so its all good.

My god mother is visiting from Florida, she is pretty crazy, but it was good seeing her again. There is actually a party going out right now in my backyard, but I am really tired, and it is really cold outside hah. I miss my friends :( and I am hungry. Work is really awful.. I would really have quit already if I didn't love the people I worked with so much. They are the single reason I still work there. I am not looking forward to having to start somewhere new and say goodbye to these people they have became family to me and i dont wanna lose them. I love them.

Me and the tim are good.. i havnt seen him alot because he has been constantly sick and working ontop of that. We faught about the stupidest stuff this week, but we are pretty retarded for eachother and we can work through anything and everything. Two years january 2. how about that.. craziness. So lucky to have him around.

So that thing i had surgery on and removed from my wrist.. is still there. im pretty confused about that.. maybe ill have some amazing lawsuite and get tons of money and move away to somewhere ridiculous and never have to work again. ha in myyyy dreams...

Time to study for criminal justice.

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[24 Oct 2007|11:15pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So. My birthday was absolutly AWFUL. First of all i had to work which always a painful experience. I hate my job but i make better money there than i could any where else right now. But anyway i worked til like 4ish? then went home and showered ect. and went out to dinner with my mom, megan, donnie, and tim. My dad was supposed to come and didnt show up.. we called and he said he didnt feel well so he was staying home, later to find out he spent the night at the bar, thanks dad. The rest of the night just went down hill from there.. it was just.. so bad. But tim got my flowers and a wii so that was amazing :D and a cookie cake hah. and nikki and lexy came home from school to be with me and that was really sweet of them <3

School has been pretty good.. pretty boring, but also pretty time consuming. My drawing class is killer. To begin with, taking the riverline is an awful experience that no one should have to go through more than once in their life, and i have to go through it six times a week. Its interesting to say the very least. try sitting next to a crack head for 30 minutes. so thats how i start every school day but my drawing class is 4 hours of ruining my nails along with my clothes, with charcoal and pastels. its just.. so long. ugh. but the girls in my class are fun and we try to make the time pass a little quicker.
My criminal justice class also sucks. i have to listen to black people talk about how racist white people are the whole class.. when in reality we all know black people are just as racist as white people. im just so sick of hearing about it. Black people treat me like shit everyday and somehow.. im the racist one? i cant even handle this issue anymore. this is what makes my job so hard.. ugh anyway.

I got my halloween costume tonight, im being a rag doll, i think its like ragity anne? or something.... i dont know.. whatever. im beaaaaat. goodnight.

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random [24 Sep 2007|10:28pm]
life has been so werid lately.. i dont even know where to start. Tims really close friend terry died last week in iraq and its just been such a rough week.. Its just such ashame i dont even have any words to describe this.. it just makes you realize... what the fuck are we fighting for.. life is so short and you never know when its going to be over. i wasnt close with terry like tim was but we hung out a couple times.. the last time i saw him he was in fridays with his dad and they were walking out and i waved and he smiled and thats the last time i saw him.. it just hurts your heart to imagine the pain that his family is feeling... i cant imagine the heart ache. i dont even know...

school is pretty time consuming.. but its not too bad. im meeting alot of new people and getting alot done. its pretty cool. im not really talking to anyone from highschool but its all good.. im over it all. i just wonder if i died tomorrow would any of them care? i tried to make things right many times.. but there is only so much you can say or do. i pretty much gave up..

i went out with my mom tonight.. we went to the mall and she got a dress for a wedding she has to go to. and she got me a watch for my birthday which i was pretty happy about :) then we went to bucca for dinner and i paid because i was feeling pretty good with my finances lately. the night was really nice until leo called and he had a stroke.. these last few months have just been so rough.. last month nikkis mom was diagnosed with cancer and it just hurt so bad to hear that.. mrs. l was there for me through everything.. i spent more time at her house then my own for a long time. i just dont know what to think anymore im just stressing out all the time.. which is why i have gastritis now which pretty much really sucks.. i want to throw up after i eat just about anything.. and im hungry all the time but dont want to eat anything.. its just kinda weird.

tims birthday is coming up and i really dont know what to get him.. im all out of ideas we have been going out too long haha.. im usually good with gift ideas but im just drained,.. ive got noooothing left. i need a vacation.

alright time to sleep. goodnight.
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inbetween the moon and you, angels get a better view... [21 Aug 2007|12:45am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

im done

my baby nikki left me for college.. im lonely without her, but im really happy for her. shes having so much fun and shes so happy..im totally jealous i cant be there with her. and lexy leaves this friday which.. also fucking sucks.we really just started to get close and im sadd i have to lose her too :( haha. basically im losing almost everything ive got. Im excited for college to start i need something to be focused on and i need to meeet some new people.

tonight me lexy tara ashley and tony went to the diner and everyone and their mother was there. it was riddddiculous. first i saw mrs.b, then i saw my st.charles booooys.. i miss those days.. they were so much fun. then i saw sean from my high school days, and then i saw my ex boyfriend from my bad judgement days haha.
ugh lllifes crazzzy.

tomorrow i have a date with miss Haley Penny and miss alex at one. we are going clothes shopping for school. shes also fucking leaving me.. to go to washington :( like across the country washington.. im pretty sad about that.. ugh so sadddd right now. and its raining.. usually i like the rain.. but its making me very sad haha

well on my favorite note ever tim and me are pppppperfect. i wouldnt change a thing. :D its amazing when you find someone who knows everytihng you are thinking and feeling even sometimes before you do. absolutly amazing. its so real and so unreal at the same time..<3

well thats it for now. sorry to anyone who gets affend by this little entry...! NOT! ha love it bye.

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[01 Aug 2007|12:21am]
wow so what a crazy of couple of nights i have had this week..

so friday and saturday i worked about 22 hours... it was so freaking exhausting.. but saturday night mr.timmy slept over and it was really nice. he went to the aquarium friday with glen and i was pretty mad i didnt get to go so he brought me back a hippo :D and i was pretty happy about that. then sunday timmy and i slept in til he had to go to work. then i got my hair cut and went shopping with my momma. sunday night i was getting nervous about my syrgery monday so in the middle of the night i threw up almost everything i ate.. which sucked because i wouldnt get to eat again for a whole day.. the surgery was terrifying... i hated it. and i never want to do it again.. my hand is in some huge freaking wrap., i got home from surgery and tim came over and made my life.. he bought me the full series of sex and the city and flowers... :D im so going to marry that boy..

around 4 am i got hit with some nasty stomach thing i threw up every half hour for about 12 hours or so.. it was horrible that took up my whole day actually.. and now im going to bed :D
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yeah [22 Jul 2007|01:46am]
im really fucking lonely.
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The glass is half empty [21 Jul 2007|12:28am]
[ mood | content ]

this week was nice. Timm and i went tubing in PA at bucks county river country. it was like an hour away but it was worth it.. i didnt realize the bus drops you off right at the river so um i left my flip flops on the side of the river. someone is probabaly wearing them now..haha it was really nice and a little romantic minus tim trying to get "river/tube head" haha hes ridiculous, but im in love with boy :D so we floated down the river for two hours or so.. we got to the end and i tried to readjust but i flipped over.. and it was scary.. but funny.. it was probably the only spot where the river actualy was deeper then three feet and of course it was like 5/6 feet deep at this part and i went straight down.. hah it was pretty funny. we drove home to stop by a picnic at my aunts and then went to laurel falls with glenbo.

the next day i was supposed to work a double but on the way to work i started to get really sharp pains on my right side.. i wasnt sure what it was but i was afraid it was my appendix. so i called the doctor.. who long story short the ass holes couldnt fit me in.. so i called my women doctor and she said she would see me.. i knew it was either my appendix or my ovaries so.. so i was right and my ovaries are fabulously full of cysts.. gotta love that.. apparently one had ruptured or something. and my right ovary was pretty swallon. i grabbed a quick lunch with nikki and then went into work anyway despite the agonizing pain because my boss gave some bull shit guilt trip. whatever i left with over 120 in 3.4 hours so i guess it was worth it. The day overal sucked but tim came over and we watched some tv and cuddled... but he only stayed awake for an hour or so, so i kicked him out and sent him home hah.

so then thursday i had off.. but i had to get a bunch of fun tests done on my ovaries.. i had an ultrasound which was kinda a cool experience. and a few other tests which werent so fun. i kept myself busy the rest of the day doing crap. cleaning and stuff. theeeen me tony ashley and tim and bunch of other people went bowling. i kicked some major ass ; D

so that brings me to TODAY.
i got up at 830 and travled alllllll the way to vorhees to see a hand specialist.. i finally set a date for my surgey and im actaully looking forward to it? some time off from work? some meds? some sleep? doesnt sound to bad to me. the only thing that really freaks me out is that ill be awake for the surgery.. they only numb my arm and i guess block it so i cant see.. because if i do.. i will throw up. all over.. it wouldnt be pretty.. who wants to see their insides? even if it is just your hand? not me! so then i went to work.. and worked from 12-9. after work i went and met my new friend connie at starbucks with her friend. we talked for a while and what not.. but i was beat so headed home after an hour or so and now im about to pass the hell out. so yeah..

goodnight bitches :D


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[05 Jul 2007|11:54pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So hm i have not updated in years haha
umm okay so life..yeah. High school is finally over im pretty happy about it. now i can finally be in control of my life.. for the most part anyway. haha

what else is there to talk about. i got my classes for rutgers. im taking anthropology, some math class, english, drawing, and criminal justice.. sounds like an interesting semester. but i only have class 3 days a week which is pretty kick ass

yesterday was the fourth of july.. it poured and it was cold. but it was pretty fun.. listening to kansas' two hits in the rain didnt exactly do it for me. but it was entertaining. and it kinda sucked because it was a little hard to see alot of the fireworks because of all the smoke. After the fireworks we went to the diner which kinda sucked because the food was gross and way over priced.

Today was kinda really aggravating. i had a doctors appointment at 9, but i couldnt seem to get myself out of bed probably because Nick benson called me at 4 am to tell me he was home from punta cana and left me some ridiculous voice mail... which i cant actually remember a word of what he said since i did listen to it half asleep... hah so i canceled my appointment haha. then my phone started ringing at around ummmm 11.. and it was jenn weaver begging me to come into work because heather was sick.. i was so mad but i went in anyway, because heather makes the sched. so i could use some brownie points. Today also sucked because my car insurance was due.. which was a quick 300 bills out of my pocket. yeah... blows.

Nikki came over tonight and we cuddled and watched moooovies and it was lovely as always.

So yeah.. i think thats it.


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[27 Aug 2006|11:49pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

So this weekend was pretty great. Although all the plans that i had made fell through, it seemed to turn out great.

My mom and i were supposed to take the train to NYC and spend the day there, but the weather looked really shitty(70% chance of rain and we kinda wanted our men there). I was really going on about two hours of sleep considering i was at the diner til 2am with joelle, and watched what not to wear til 3 when i got home. when i finally fell asleep, the biggest storm ever fucking hit delran...and i was up from about 4-5 and slept again til 7. We eventually just decided to roam around philly. I got all kinds of crap. Tarot cards which im way freaking excited about, im still learning how to do them kinda and I got tim this chess board from india, its pretty cool. My mom and i went in to all the weird sex shops, which ended up not be as ackward as i had expected it to be. hah. then my sister met up with us for lunch. it was a really nice day.

soooo then today the tubing trip was also held off due to the weather conditons.. which really sucks but thats ok. Jess, aaron, joelle, nick and i all went to Paulas for breakfast. After Paulas jess and aaron went somewhere? and Joelle nick tim and i all went to the art Museum. What sucked is that it closed at 5.. and we got there at 415.. we basically ran through the place hah. fact of the matter is, i wore 4 inch heels, what was i thinking? but i made it safely up and down the stairs, with blisters to show for it.

Then we went to china town, where i got my fill of asians for the rest of my life. haha. it was interesting and i really enjoyed it.

After China town we headed back to NJ and set off for vineland to go to the Drive inn. It was great. i LOVED it. it was completely adorable, i dont think tim and nick appreciated it as much as joelle and i, but it was great.

I am completely exhausted. goodnight :)


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Hold on for one more day [22 Aug 2006|12:40pm]
[ mood | confused ]

So, the last couple days have been pretty... i dont know..odd. They have both been pretty sucky.. i just cant stand it. The highlight of my week was probably going underwear shopping. Last night i had what i would call a "heart to heart" with joelle, i cryed and bitched and she just bitched. Im lucky to have her.

I feel like the world is moving so fast and im standing still. I have been living the same day over and over. work sleep. work sleep. work sleep. i just need to break from it and do something different. i feel like theres a complete lack of passion from almost everyone i know, why doesnt anyone know how to enjoy and make the best of their time. Its like everyone is just living for tomorrow.. I want to live for today and be fucking sponateous.

I feel like im losing a part of myself. Im losing the part that cares. Im sick of listening to friends bitch about eachother, like what the fuck, really? Im sick of people not caring about one another, fucking best friends? Well where are you? Where have you been? whatever. I need something new.. and i need to stop PMSing..

I have been giving so much of myself i have nothing left..

ok bye

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[09 Aug 2006|01:07am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Its been a swell week.. in the way that it has been kinda terrible.
Friday i got some sucky news from the doctor. And i took care of my timmy the rest of the day. We took a nap and watched some TV. Im a terrible cook, so all he got to eat was a microwavable pizza. hah.. i have been spending most of my time concentrating on him, and work.

I have lost track of most my friends and their lives, but we are playing catch up tomorrow. I am getting a new car in about 2/3 weeks..its really pretty, a 93' Trans Am. Ill have to name her something sassy, like trixy the trans am.. i kinda like that.

I went skinny dipping in nick bensons pool the other day, it was on the list so i simply had to do it before i ran out of time.

I have been kind of stressing out lately.. I have terrible dreams every night and i cant seem to shake them. I wake up at like 4 am everymorning and i just start gushing. I have become simply over whelmed with the future and what i am going to do with myself. I am sure everyone goes through this..

i have been having really bad break up dreams, and they are the worste. I cant imagine losing the most stable thing in my life, Tims the air i breathe.. i cant imagine how much of a wreck id be if it ended.

Ugh oh man.. i am going out to lunch tomorrow with joelle and miranda which is long over do, so thats good.. alright well im heading to bed.. goodnight

<3 j3ssica

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I dont need no introduction and shit [03 Aug 2006|07:12pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

The shore was pretty fun.. at times it got pretty boring, but hey w.e.

The first night we got there was prettttty boring, we ate then watched tv and went to bed i think. then the first day we went to the beach and played a ton of jenga.. haha. we all got pretty burnt the second day and couldnt go to the beach for two more days. Tim and i had a lot of fun, i snuck into his bed even tho i was supposed to be sleeping with my sister.

I took a tube out into the bay..it was like 2/3 feet deep tops.. haha.. and tim tried but his flipped over and it flew away.. haha <33

we went deep sea fishing which was alot of fun til i started to get sea sick.. hah i didnt throw up but i must say it was pretty close haha. i caught the only fish big enough to keep and the first fish actually.. My dad caught NOTHING. that was pretty funny.

I tried to get my belly button peirced the whole time i was down there but.. mad laws and shit haha.. it was way cheaper there though.. like 30 bucks.. But w.e i ended up just waiting unitl i got home.

we went crabbing kind of.. well we tried. We took like 13 trips to the candy kitchen.. way overpriced. Tim got me an elephant :)

One night all the guys went mini golfing and megan and i stayed in, she got me completely wrecked haha it was hilarious. i sent out a drunk love message to joelle<33 my baby girl.. haha

Well timmy got his appendix taken out last night i was flipping out because i didnt know about it..and i was a mess.. but joelle held me together.And we bumped into mickey and maggie,which is always a pleasure. I called out of work today to go spend some time with him at the hospital. he is home now and hopefully felling a little better.
Weve been going out for a whole like 7 months now.. :)

Nick benson is supposesd to have a banger tonight, i expect nothing less.. i have an early doctor appointment tomorrow so i will not be drinking, but i still hope its a good time.



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lose with eloquence [21 Jul 2006|11:18pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

hey all,

Today was an exciting day i think..

First, i woke up at like 9 and got a shower.. then i had to go to the dreaded doctor.. which really wasnt too bad, so i was pretty happy about that. After that i went home and did nothing for a while. i packed a bunch of stuff up and such and waited for tim to wake up. Then he picked me up and we stopped at acme cashed his check, he made fun of dan for a little then we went to the bank to turn in some coins. that was the longest run on sentence ever. anyway we went to the bank and i totally called that he would fill it one of those ridiculous bags.. and yeah he filled the quarter one.
then we went to the mall where tim increased his collection of white and black tees.. haha god i love him. Then we went back to his house and packed.

After we packed he took me home and he headed to work. So then i picked up my absolute favorite bitch in the world.. miss joelle broderick. We went to walmart where i bought some socks, sun block, boxer briefs?, and some other crap. She hit on my brother nonstop for 2 hours.. and thats why ilove her. hah The we went and got fat off some fast food, met up with justin and headed to the diner.

We talked about love&lust and hate&anger thats what we do. We are bitches basically. Now im here typing a meaningless lj entry which two people will read tops.. haha but w.e. fuck you haha

um i leave for the shore tomorrow if anyone cares..
ill be gone for a whole week nagger.. im going to spend hours upon hours with tim, its going to be great.

Jo fucking elle. im going to miss you a ton <3333333

ill see everyone else when i get back i guess


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You said, "i have been there more than a few times." [18 Jul 2006|11:34am]
Hm well i cant really remember what i last wrote about. Well last week Joelle and I were really bored so we decided to go to wildwood for a roadtrip because it was on the summer list and we were just really bored. We probably didnt even hit the road until like 9 and her dad is ridiculously cool and gave us 100 bucks just to be safe haha. we finally got there after a really really long drive, we couldnt find pats house so we parked on a random street, and we just accidently parked in front of it. haha that was pretty funny. So yeah we went inside, i had a splitting head ache so that really sucked. i drank and iced tea and had some tylonal while joelle threw back a beer with pat and then we hit the road. we were there for a whole 45 minutes tops haha. I drove a whole 85 miles an hour basically the whole way home and we were home withen like an hour and a half.. it was great.

But neither of our boyfriends were very happy with our trip.. at first we really didnt understand why, but then it sunk in. I really hadnt thought about what i was doing, it was just something to do.

Well anyway the next day i picked up tim after my 9 hour shift at the evergreens and we went to walmart and then glens. But he surprised me because hes ridiculously amazing.. he pulled out that bag that i had seen before and right away i was mad hah. he always spends way too much money on me.. Well it was absolutly gorgeous. so thank you baby :)

I leave for the shore on SATURDAY yay! i cant wait. its going to be interesting with my family and everything.. we have really never gone a vacation together.. traveling to see baseball games.. is NOT a vacation, and i finally got that through to my dad..

lately the friend situation is kinda gay, i really have not seen anyone but joelle and nick. We all work alot and miranda seems to just never have time, nikkis been in california and jess works a ton. We need our camping trip soooooon!

recently added to the summer list was to eat the 12 scoop ice cream thing from friendlys haha thats going to be disgusting..

well i really dont have anything else to write about so um? peace out..

<3 jessica yvonne
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I need you to spill your guts [13 Jul 2006|11:45am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Im trying to get back into the live journal habit.. whats going on?

Summers been pretty good so far. I Work far too much, over 40 hours this week, and im exhausted.

Yesterday kinda was a disappointment. Tim, Jess, Joelle, Nick, and I all went to the beach to discover that it was um freezing.. the girls were all pissed and the guys kinda just didnt care hah. so we decided to head home and go over nicks to swim, which ended up being like 88 degrees so that was awesome.

My dads been getting on my absolute last nerve.. hes driving me nuts, he makes me quit my job for softball, then complained about me asking for money and the second i get my job his asking ME for money for car insurance when i hadnt even gotten my first check yet.. dick.. hah.

I am supposed to go out to lunch/dinner with my old best friend Jenna, who i havnt hung out with in years really, so that should be fun.

Next week I am going down to ocean city, maryland for a week with my dad, sisters, brother and Timmmmmy. haha it should be fun, i think.

I was just thinking about how much i really missed out on freshman and sophomore year.. its kinda sad. But i really think that this year made up for those two years, because they probably werent that good anyway.. haha.
so im now a senior. cant wait


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Artistic License [10 Jun 2006|08:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Life has been moving really fast lately.
I am about to be a senior and everything that everyone once said is happening..
you get there and you wanna go back. But hey i still have a full year to live it up, and i will most definitly make the most of it.

The first two years of high school really sucked due to some really dumb mistakes that i made, but i dont regret. As well as a lot of tough times with friends and family, but this year has topped it all. I have become basically attached at the hip with my friends, they are my world and id do anything for them. On top off all that despite some really bad downfalls in my past relationships i have fallen more in love than ever. Ive been with tim for a little over 5 months and i never want it to end.

So basically lifes great. Just a short update. Theres ONE WEEK, left in my junior year. I cant wait for summer :)

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[06 Dec 2005|09:29pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Oh hey Live Journal,
its been a while. So maybe a long update is due, but im too lazy.

Well i dont even know who my friends are on here, but hey whats up?
So basically lately lifes been up and down and im just dealing with it. It really sucks when things are completely our of your controll and you give everything you have just to have it thrown away, but whatever.

On anothing note. Classes are fucking hard. It sucks

i work too much.. i have one day off this week i think. but w.e having money is pretty vital right now.

my family is on crack as always

Today somehow, dont ask me, we got LOST going to the cherry hill mall.. we are fucking morons... hey what are you gonna do. Jess, Miranda, and i also gauged our ears. I went small but miranda and jess went a little bigger.

later <3

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[06 May 2005|11:37pm]
[ mood | creative ]

You hold me so close that my knees grow weak
But my soul is flying high above the ground
I'm trying to speak but no matter what I do
I just can't seem to make any sound

..i miss jd...

so today was pfffft wayyyy long..

::cracks nuckles:: SO.. school sucked as always and then i had softball we lost.. the umps did have some pretty bad calls tho.. more like herendous.. doesnt matter tho... so after that i went home and got changed then went right to the high school to decorate.. i was SO pissed they used all my awesome fish in the cafetiera because i made them for the bathrooms because i was decorating them..so i ended up having nothng..then some of the girls felt bad and got me some back..i probably would have been really pissed...ha yeah... the boys bathroom isnt as good because ms.manning didnt want me doing anything because she said the boys would just rip everything down.. i was like fine grr.. hah whatever... and the girls room still looked adorable i think.. but thats just me.. hah

then i came home and went to friendlys with jd.. so i just got home im SO friggen tired....



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[19 Apr 2005|05:41pm]
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